Peake Consulting

Peake Consulting

Incentive Strategy, Structuring, Negotiations & Compliance that maximizes incentives with minimum time and expense and is fair and equitable to the company and the community.

Incentives Strategy: This is conducted through a comprehensive approach. The net cost of doing business minus statutory and negotiated incentives is calculated and provides the business case to present to communities.

Structuring is based upon the culture and business needs of the company. Part of the structuring entails talking with the key people in the company to determine the corporate culture, the appetite for incentives and the financial needs related to the project. A thorough review of the federal, state and local statutes, regulatory issues and political realities related to the incentive programs and company needs is conducted.

Negotiating Efforts are conducted to create a win/win environment for the company and the state/community by providing informative date on the financial realities. Our negotiation becomes the art of persuasion by building a relationship with the community, highlighting the benefits the company will be bringing to the community and being knowledgeable of what the state/community can and cannot do. Our approach optimizes the benefits for the company while creating good working relationships with the community for the company.

Incentives Enhancement Strategies work toward increasing the value of an already negotiated incentive package by:​​

  • Reviewing the incentive package
  • Providing suggestions for enhancing the package
  • Renegotiating incentive agreements to increase benefits and reduce clawbacks and/or
  • Running interference when already committed investment/job figures are not met

Incentives Credits & Compliance provides services to assist in obtaining and retaining the full value of incentives and credits that have been granted to companies. Due to the complexity of compliance, our experience shows that only 11-20% of companies granted incentives actually receive the complete value of the packages. Our professionals can ensure that all benefits are received through the:

  • Development of an Implementation Summary that has applications, authorizing signatures when approved, an outline of the programs and a list of ongoing reports that need to be completed annually in order to receive and maintain incentives.
  • Develop a data compilation plan to suit your organization
  • Submission of compliance reports to the appropriate public officials and monitory certification approvals when appropriate
  • Negotiation of retention of incentives when investment, jobs, payroll, and other project targets are not achieved or maintained.